Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book Clutch
  • Adventures of Tom Sawyer Book Clutch


    This is a stunning, bespoke creation celebrating Mark Twain's classic, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  This is part of my upcycled, eco-friendly range - meaning that everything hs been recycled and turned into a truly unique, wearable piece of art! 


    The hardcover is an original edition from 1983, and is in excellent condition for its relatively old age. The cover has been perfectly matched with a vintage-inspired gold fabric clutch, featuring an elegant gold-toned clasp and shoulder chain. The short shoulder chain measures 38.5cms in length, and can be easily detached or slipped inside the clutch, so you can mix up your look. 


    Please note: The book cover is in excellent condition, but there is a minor tear measuring 3mm in the top right corner of the cover. This minor blemish is barely noticeable and if anything, adds to the vintage character of the book. 



    Length: 21cms

    Height: 15cms

    Width: 4cms at