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Why enrol in a Creative Writing workshop?

​​Creativity has proven benefits to your physical and mental health and self-esteem.

Writing is akin to meditation - its totally awesome and zen-like for your brain!

Writing helps you to hone your powers of observation and connect with the world.

Writing is free and ridiculously fun - you get to birth new characters, invent worlds and entertain others with your words.​​

Storytelling is one of the oldest living artforms. Keep the tradition alive and thriving and send your story out into the world!

Writing fiction or non-fiction can be a healing tool and make meaning of grief or loss.

You can rewrite the story of your life. If an event didn't have a happy ending you can invent a new one and transform the experience. Words=power! You could retell it as a post-modern fairytale!

Writing fiction can be a safe and powerful way of retelling a story and making meaning from it.


My classes are designed for you to go absolutely wild with your imagination. There are very few rules except that you should approach the page with boldness, braveness and daring. If you're losing yourself ( and big swathes of time) when you write then you're doing it right!

Cancellation Policy: No refunds or credit given on workshops that have been paid for due to costs incurred in running a workshop. We can, however, accept a transfer - if you cannot attend for whatever reason, you are welcome to gift the ticket to a friend or family member ( for that workshop only), but you need to make the appropriate arrangements with them. Please inform us at least 72 hours before the event so we are aware of participant's needs and requirements.